Way Of Living and Career Disruptions by Modern Technology

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We reside in an era of uncommon interruption of cultures, lives and also companies by modern technologies. As a little boy, I paid attention to folklore under the moonlight in my south eastern part of Nigerian village. The seniors informed the tales of justice, fearlessness, honor and humankind. There was no cellular phone and there was no distraction. Life was under a predictable pattern especially in the evenings when boys as well as girls will wait consequently to play under the moonlight and obtain ethical education and learning meticulously managed in the stories told by the elders. Every child belongs to the town as well as parents are nothing but guardians

As we trekked miles to bring water and fire wood for the family members food preparation, we enjoyed the tracks of the satisfied birds. We valued the flowers and also the gentle winds out of the thick rain forest of our stream. It was a life of terrific tranquility as well as we never ever had a homicide in the town. By norms and also traditions, the fishes in our stream need to not be fished. They were maintained as well as in many cases we played with them.

When it was time for institution, we continued on that village practice of brotherhood. The elders have actually mapped out lands in the town where individuals can go as well as grow fruits to make sure that any kind of villager when starving could go there and also eat. It was prohibited to sell anything from that land since it was developed to be a ‘critical food book’. It functioned; I planted an orange tree as well as my friend offered the village a coconut tree.

But that was then. Many points have considering that transformed, not just in my town, yet worldwide. Technology is interfering with all aspects of human existence as well as our lifestyles have actually transformed. Industries are being demised as well as brand-new ones are creating our lexicons regularly evolving to accommodate brand-new tech-evolutions.

Food has actually been professionalized and mamas do not require to know just how to prepare. Modern technology and also globalization have currently altered family practices.

As a young boy, I became aware of expert typists. These were specially trained pros that can churn out characters on typewriters at fantastic speed. There are few of them today. There were shorthand specialists; individuals that could create on special personalities in order to capture declarations as rapid as they are talked by their employers.

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