New Technologies in Our Life

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We have carried out a survey into how people feel concerning new technology as well as its impact on individuals’s domestic lives. We gave 55 people a set of questions and obtained replies from just about four of them. Twenty-four of our participants are teenagers and individuals in their twenties, fifteen are in their thirties as well as middle-aged and the rest are retired. The four individuals who did not return their sets of questions are done in the thirty-plus age.

We asked individuals the amount of the copying of contemporary innovation they had in your home – a computer system, a cellphone, an answerphone, the Net, a video camera, a microwave, a toaster, a DVD, a digital cam, a jacuzzi. We likewise asked to add any type of various other instances of contemporary technology which they additionally have actually got at house. We then requested them to indicate just how much they utilized each of the things of modern-day innovation that they reported having. Lastly, we asked individuals to point out whether these items of modern technology had a positive or a negative result on their lives. At this moment in the survey we asked our participants to add comments describing just how precisely a thing of modern technology had influenced their lives in either positive or negative ways.

All of our respondents have at least two of the items on our listing with a microwave, a computer system and also DVD being the items most frequently possessed. Just one of our respondents possesses a Jacuzzi. Three of the respondents have every one of the various other things however the jacuzzi. A lot of the respondents included at the very least one other instance of modern innovation: these included automated washing equipments, vacuum cleaners, electrical ovens, MP3 players. The more youthful the participant, the most likely they are to make use of all the items they have except the DVD and the washing device. These were most prominent with the over-thirties. Of all the things of brand-new modern technology we listed, the camera was least often used – only one or two times a month by the teenagers and also hardly ever by older age.

When we asked people whether they really felt that new technologies were influencing their lives in a favorable or an unfavorable method, every one of the teens and 87% of individuals between age group stated that they really felt that the results of brand-new innovations were basically positive. Sixty-three percent of the respondents really felt that new modern technologies likewise have some negative impacts on their lives.The most frequent advantages of brand-new technologies are (in order of frequency of mention):.

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